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The Samsung Galaxy S6 just killed two of my favorite ...

Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+ - Insert SD / Memory Card. ... From the top of the device, insert the eject tool (from the original box) into the SIM / microSD slot. This Battery Case will bring back the MicroSD slot to the ... The case, called offGRID is provided with an external 3,700 mAh battery that can recharge your Galaxy S6 more than once, in addition of that, the new case it equipped with a MicroSD card slot to let you put up to 128 GB of extra storage. Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge gain microSD card and extended battery ...

Incipio Offgrid Battery Case W/ Micro SD Slot for Samsung ...

When Samsung introduced the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge at Mobile World Congress, it seemed to be met withA new rumor beginning to circulate is that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 Active handset, one which focuses more on people with an active lifestyle or those that want... Does the iPhone 6s have a (SD memory card) slot on it?

So basically, comparing Apples to Galaxies (humor intended), this new case for an S6 makes it the same height/width as an I6+, and only 2mm thicker than what I'm used to with my S4 and the S6. Height is the only big difference adding about 7mm to the S6, but that's not so bad a tradeoff for a huge battery and an SD slot.

Galaxy S6: The reason why it doesn’t feature a MicroSD slot

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